Pretty Pictures: Facebook Timeline Cover Photos

Facebook Cover PhotoHave you switched over to the new Facebook timeline? I didn’t jump on it until I looked at a friend’s profile  and saw a large and beautiful picture of her and her horse. I started looking at other Friends who were using timeline and saw more great pictures. I was hooked. Immediately I switched to timeline and added my cover picture (you see a little of it in the picture on the left).

There are websites where you can get free or purchase cover photos.  How about one showing the vampires from the Twilight series? (Oh sure Barb, your readers are really going to go and upload a photo featuring the Twilight series!!) Don’t worry, you can get cover photos that are not so commercial – beautiful nature shots, cute animals, funny cartoon drawings. Just Google facebook cover photos.

You can also upload your own photo, as I did, and Facebook will crop it to the 850 x 320 pixels size. Or, follow this tutorial, and make your own cover photo with Photoshop.

IMPORTANT – Never download a photo from an unreliable website. It’s a sure way to get viruses, malware, and, if you leave your email address, spam. (How can you be sure it’s a reliable website? See if bloggers and review sites such as point to it.)

So what are you using for your cover photo? Have you seen some good ones?


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